Our church service خدمة الكنيسة


Masses and prayers

Fridays: Every Friday there Mass and Stations of the Cross at 6 PM in Chaldean, Arabic and English

                 First Friday of the month Mass at 11 AM which is held after prayers offered to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Eucharistic Adoration.

Saturdays: English Mass for children of the Church School at 11:00 A.M

                    Mass at 6 PM in English for youth groups.

Sundays: Morning prayer at 10:30 AM in Chaldean. Then Holy Mass at 11:00 AM in Chaldean, Arabic and English.


Church Activities:

Saturday: Church School for elementary and middle school at 11 a.m to 1 p.m

Youth groups gathering at 6 PM in English for religious education for ages (12-30).

Wednesday: Men Group gathering at 7p.m – 1 a.m

 Sundays: Choir practice at 12:30 PM.



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