About من نحن


 The Chaldean Catholic Mission in Las Vegas established in 2003. Our people started living in the valley since the beginning of 90s. In 2003, the community began to be served by Msgr. Felix Shabi who was used to travel from San Diego to celebrate Mass for once a month at St. Ann Roman Catholic Church. Then, in 2007 our Diocese purchased a building for the community to be their own church, and two other priests later (Fr. Andraws & Fr. Pouls) served the church until 2012. Fr. Ray Sarkees arrived to Las Vegas to serve the community since August 2012 until the present time.

     The Chaldeans of Las Vegas are part of the St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Diocese in San Diego – CA, and shepherded by the most Rev. Mar Sarhad Yousip Jammo. As an eastern catholic church, we are in full communion with Bishop of Rome – the successor of St. Peter the Apostle. We have our Patriarch His Beatitude Mar Louis Rafael I Sakko and his patriarchate center is now in Baghdad – Iraq.

     As a Catholic Church we believe in unity and brotherhood. Our church doors are open to catholic and non – catholic faithful as well.

     God bless all in Jesus Christ

3 responses

  1. مرحبا في اي ساعة يكون قداس الأربعاء ثاني يوم العيد

  2. Please correct the time for saturday english mass is at 11 AM

  3. Hello,
    I am new in Las Vegas. I want to know if you are open for Arabic mass tomorrow?
    Ehab Burjo

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