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Church Vandalism and Robbery / أعمال تخريب وحرق وسرقة لكنيستنا

نود ان نعلمكم بالخبر المؤسف الذي حدث لكنيستنا القديسة بربارة في لاس فيكاس
تعرضت الكنيسة يوم الجمعة الماضية ٦ / ١٠ في حوالي ساعة العاشرة مساءً لاعمال تخريبية وكسر وحرق ونهب من جهات مجهولة نرجوا من الجميع .     التكاتف معاً لغرض اعادة وترتيب الكنيسة لنستطيع اقامة القداديس والنشاطات الاخرى

يمكنكم الذهاب الى الرابط ادناه للتبرع والرب يبارككم


We are sad to inform you all that on last Friday night, October 6, 2017, at approximately 10pm our church, St. Barbara Chaldean Catholic Church was broken into, vandalized and set on fire. Things were stolen and the altar area where mass preparations and items are kept were completely torn through. A part of the altar area was set on fire along with the storage room that contains tables and chairs. Bibles, cups, the chalice, trays, candles, priest vestments, choir robes & the surround system was thrown all over the floor. Donation boxes were also broken into. It’s sad that there are people out in this world that resort into breaking into churches and vandalizing a place of worship. With that said, we must continue to pray and ask the Lord for patience and guidance through this very trying time. We will be setting up a GoFundMe account for anyone that would like to help in the rebuilding of our church.

Below is the link where you can go and donate to rebuild our church. Thank you