Church weekly notes

Church Notes

  • We ask all families to help the church by paying their monthly memberships. The church needs help of all families and it is not a responsibility of some families only to help because it is the church of all not of some.
  • A new shepherd is appointed to our diocese he is Mar Emmanuel Shaleeta as a successor of the retired bishop Mar Sarhad Jammo. The installation day for our new bishop will be on Tuesday, August 29 at 10 am at St. Peter Cathedral in El Cajon.
  • There will be a church trip to Palm Spring on Saturday, Sept 9th. Limited seats, please register by the church council. $75 per person.
  • All families shall register their children for the church school program which will start on Saturday, Sept 16. Forms are available by the gift shop.
  • Our church choir needs to have new members to join to sing for God on Sundays. Please, whoever wish to join, they have to the pastor first then the choir administrator.
  • By the gift shop there are Bibles (both Old & New Testament) in Arabic and English the price is $20 as a donation to the church.
  • Every Saturday there is Holy Mass at 6 pm.