Fundraising Campaign / حملة تبرعات


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“Charity benefits the giver more than the receiver.”

The followers of St. Barbara’s Chaldean Catholic Church located at 4514 Meadows Ln. Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107, are trying to raise money to fund important renovatons to improve the basic structure of their house of worship. Any improvements made now will impact our Catholic Chaldean community as well as the future of our dear children. Whether you belong to this church or another around the world, we ask that you please stand together as a whole to ensure that this church has a place in the future generations lives. Some of the renovations include Church Pews, painting for the walls, carpet and tile work for the floors, and more. Any donations, small or large, would be greatly appreciated. Please share our page with any friends and family who may consider donating to our church.
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