Annual Raffle Drawing

Congratulations to the winners of the Annual Raffle Drawing in our Church in Las Vegas.
Good Luck, next time, for all participants and the church supporters.
As we made an announcement before the raffle drawing on the 25th at night during the Christmas Party at the church hall, we, the church could not raise enough funds for the car to be as the first grand prize. The church raised only $25000 and the church council decided to keep half of the amount for the church and other half for the raffle prizes.
1- K. Sasha (Ticket no. 2066) won the first grand prize: $10,000
2- Manuel Petro (no. 1455) won the second prize: $1,000
3- Sal Jabro (no. 0487) won the third prize: $500
4- Dena Shaba (no. 2764) won the fourth prize: $250
5- Unlimited wireless (no. 1371) won the fifth prize: $250
6- Justin Shabo (no. 2821) won the sixth prize: $250
7- Nashwan Azar (no. 1498) won the seventh prize: $250