Church Notes as July 12, 2016


Church Notes

1-      We thank all people who pay their monthly membership. We encourage others to participate also.

2-      We celebrate Mass on every Friday @ 6 PM and only the first Fri of the month Mass will be @ 10 AM that follows the Eucharistic Adoration and the prayers for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

3-      We started the project of selling Raffle Tickets for a grand prize Toyota Camry 2017 and other 6 cash prizes. Ticket price is $20 and our goal is to sell 5000 tickets and the drawing day is Dec 24th 2016.

4-      The registration for church school and First Communion is open every Sunday for kids of 5 year old and up.

5-    On Sunday, July 17, 2016 we will have a family picnic after Mass to the parks of MT Charleston. We have booked that accommodate 50 people. Please, register from now each family $10. Put these numbers in your Google Map in your phone: 36.25667, -115.64389 to lead you to the place. Follow this direction also: From Las Vegas, Nevada, take Highway 95 north to junction with Highway 157/Kyle Canyon. Turn left and travel approximately 21 miles to the picnic area at the end of the highway.

6-      Every Saturday we celebrate Mass in English for everybody especially for youth at 6 PM – 6:30. We have youth gathering at church @ 6:30 PM. Youth gather in two different groups: 1- Those who took communion until 14 year old. 2- 15 year old and up.