Church Notes

Sunday Notes- May 1st, 2016

1-      We thank all people who pay their monthly membership. We encourage others to participate also.

2-      We started Mass on every Friday @ 6 PM and after there will be Bible Study. Only the first Fri of the month Mass will be @ 10 AM followed by Eucharistic Adoration and prayers for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

3-      Next Sunday, May 8th it is Mother’s Day. After Mass we will have a social gathering at the church hall with lunch and game for kids and Bingo (cash prices) for adults.

4-      Every Saturday we have youth gathering at church @ 6PM. Youth gather in two different groups: 1- Those who took communion until 14 year old. 2- 15 year old and up. From next Sat we will start English Mass for everybody especially for youth at 6 PM – 6:30.

5-      This summer on June 30th – July 3rd there will be a Youth Convention in N. CA sponsored by St. Mary Chaldean Church in San Jose. The ages are 15 years and up. All the churches are participating in this convention including our church. The fees are $200 per person including transportations. We are raising funds for the transportation through selling Pop-Corn and Chips every Sat & Sun. Our church youth will do Car Wash this Sunday after Mass.

6-      Whoever wants to advertise about his/her business by the church notes or to be put on the pin board, may pay a donation to the church.