Sunday 10/25/2015 notes.

Church notes 10/25/2015

• Church School is every Saturday morning @ 11:00am with English mass for all kids. Applications are available for all ages 4 to 13.

• Registration for the First Holy Communion class is open now until October 31, 2015. The minimum age is 9 years old and up. Applications are available by the gift shop

• Every Saturday at 6:30pm we have bible study and other activities for the youth. Please encourage your children to participate in these activities.

• Register your emails at the church gift shop so that we may send out all the church news.

• We are having a church picnic on November 1, 2015 which is the all Saints Feast. The picnic area will be at the park on Washington and Buffalo. Please join us to celebrate all Saints Feast after mass. Food will not be provided by the church, so please feel welcome to bring your own food. Please encourage your kids not to dress costumes such as devils, ghosts or anything of that kind.