Good Friday Homily

The Good Friday Homily

Two figures (characters) in the Gospels represent the humanity and its relationship with God, Judas and Peter. Judas betrayed and Peter denied Jesus. The only difference between the betrayer and the denier that the Peter repented, he believed in Jesus’ mercy.
The question that we would ask today is why Judas betrayed Jesus? What was his motivation? Was it money or, was to change the situations through his way? Many people think that the motivation was only to get money. But, the motivation was worse than this, he thought wrongly that he would make Jesus act aggressively against the enemies. He used to think about Jesus in wrong way because he thought that Jesus is an earthly king. He used to ask himself what a king is this? How he is going to lead the people to be united against the Romans? So, Judas misunderstood Jesus like other disciples, but Judas wanted to deal with the situations in his way and to replace him with money.
Our betrayal to Jesus is not when we misunderstand him, it is ok to misunderstand Jesus, but if you keep yourself close to him, definitely he will let you know better and understand him in the right way. We betray Jesus when we want to use him for our purposes. We betray Jesus when we get disappointed of him. When we go through some difficulties in this life and we pray and pray and pray and the situations get worse, we think he is not there with us, and then we start to replace him with another thing as Judas replaced him with money, and we think that we would benefit from the our solution better than Jesus. This is really a betrayal and disloyalty to Jesus.
And how we read the Peter’s denial? Peter says to Jesus if they all leave I will not, and then Jesus says: This night you will deny me three times. Instead of facing the trial with Jesus, Peter lied that he did not know Jesus. Peter was loyal to Jesus that’s why we see him later follow Jesus. Instead of acting in his way, he rather to follow Jesus, but Peter was not strong enough to face the temptation. Peter trusted in Jesus’ mercy that’s why we see him repent and wipes his sin through his spilled tears.
Whatever the life sufferings and struggles you would go through, you should not choose to do as Judas did to his Lord when he replace him with money. And you should not be encouraged to deny your Lord even when you are weak, but even if this happens, you should right away repent and regret your deeds and keep follow your Lord Jesus who died for you.